WHRF - Ahoy!


Here are a few memorabilia I had collected from WHRF - Riverhead.

"Heard for miles around, Wharf country's mighty sound, the starboard side of your dial!" - WHRF jingle "The Hornblower Package" - Pepper Tanner.

Don Cannon - WHRF
Remote from roof of Rose Jewelers in Riverhead, NY. I have mimicked this stunt a few times in my career.
Louise Kratoville
As I'm up on the roof to give a check to Don Cannon, the Suffolk Life takes a picture of my mom (holding my radio, of course)
Jim Putbrese, Marty Isaacs, Don Cannon - WHRF
Jim Putbrese, Marty Isaacs, Cathy Jayne and Don "Boom Boom" Cannon*
A Captain of Main St.?
Memorial Day Parade, Riverhead, NY
*to be able to hear Don many years later, on WOGL in Philadelphia, was a treat. I met him at an AIR Awards dinner, but never got the photo. click on images for larger view





all images copyright Jack Kratoville.

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updated July, 2010