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Jackie 2002My career in computers and the Internet began auspiciously in 1994 while I was music director at WMGK in Philadelphia. After the new seventies format was up and running, I had plenty of time to explore my new computer after massaging and printing the music logs. Julian Breen encouraged my knowledge of DOS by installing early versions of Word Perfect (5.1) and Lotus 123 on my desktop. By the time I left in 1996, my expertise also included how to get into a chat room, tying up my home phone line for hours on end.

Finally in 1997, after a brief interval in the heart of Dixie, I found myself in my parents basement with my Win 95 computer and the series, "HTML For Dummies." After reading into the book well beyond my comprehension, the only thing I was able to recall is the term "Hyper Text Markup Language." But I was armed with "Netscape Composer 3.0" and on my way to crafting some of the ugliest web pages on the world wide web for my new business venture. Then suddenly out of the blue, someone emailed to request my services in building their resume. I conducted my first business deal while still in my bathrobe. Resumedesign.com was off and running.

Since most people think of updating their resume once they're out of a job, it's safe to say that without a steady income, not many are interested in spending extravagantly. Therefore, I've become a member of mainstream web-design where the challenges are warding off competition from people armed with Frontpage or Netscape Composer.

Jackie & Chloe 2003If you're a nascent web designer, you can really learn a lot about the inner workings of web sites by visiting Philip Greenspun's excellent "Philip and Alex's Guide To Web Publishing."

There's also "Page Tutor" which gives a nice simple explanation of HTML and how it works. Even if you're using Dreamweaver or Front Page to build sites, this is a great place to see "how it really works."

I'm grateful to Peter Elia for his selfless tutoring and assistance in the ways of web design and programming. Also for introducing me to Macromedia's Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash. Not only are these programs considered the industry standard, but they're great learning tools for those who want to understand what's behind what everyone sees in their browser. There are templates to help you compose those ostentatious-looking pages that will impress your clients.

Nevertheless, Greenspun's site taught me it is content and navigation that play a most important role in having a site worth a visitors' time. In that light, these pages are designed similar to what you'll see on photo.net. Stories with pictures. If you want to see all the flashy graphics and stuff that will validate your monthly DSL bill, then feel free to browse through various samples of sites that I've designed for others.

2005  Riverside Park - NYC
The following links are entry points to the three areas of my web site business. I've finally re-designed the Innovative Web Pages site to mirror my current capability, but the other two lag behind, preserving my archaic abilities from those Netscape Composer years.


If you're an individual or business looking to have a presence on the Internet, or you have a site that you'd like to have re-designed, please contact my by email or telephone, 516-909-5150.




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