Stony Point, NY / 2006
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As a portal to other postings, this area remains a work in progress . I hope to include interesting tid-bits, assorted ramblings and useless information guaranteed to help Internet-surfing insomniacs to sleep.

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Memories of a favorite place;
The Sun Valley Motel & Restaurant, Wyoming, Rhode Island.

2003Favorite places for food.

Pizza - If you can't come to my mother's for home-made, here's a few options:

  • Posto's / 2nd Ave. & 18th St. NYC - thin crust and delicious.
    (plus sister locales Spunto's and Vezzo's)
  • Sam's / East Hampton, NY - excellent, but $$$
  • Pepe's / New Haven, CT - white clam pizza is awesome. Now in Fairfield, CT too!
  • Nanuet Pizza / Nanuet, NY - unbelievable crust
  • Boston House of Pizza - best after a night of imbibing assorted evils.

    I'm not big into "New York-style pizza," although if you're on the run in Penn Station - go to Rosa's and avoid Carusos. Caruso's will give you a tummy ache and I've watched them serve pizza that has fallen on the floor.

Ice Cream - If you can't make it homemade, here are some places I recommend:

  • Candy Kitchen, Main Rd. Bridgehampton, NY (get the "Fresh Banana" me)
  • Bart's / Northampton, MA (Oreo is really good)
  • Ashley's / New Haven, CT (have them put in some "mix-ins")
  • Hoyer's / Haverstraw, NY (soft-serv coffee dipped in fudge)
  • Hallmark / Old Lyme, CT ("Apple Pie" and "Ginger" make up a long list of great flavors)
  • Grays Ice Cream / Tiverton Four Corners, RI (Ginger as well)

For a regional brand, Brigham's in Boston is excellent. Simple ingredients keep the ice cream refreshing. Store-bought wise, I prefer Breyer's for the same reason.


  • Bay and Surf / Laurel, MD - start with the bisque. Burned down in 2007 / still closed.
  • Young's Lobster Shack / Belfast, ME - a little pricey, but the view is special.
  • The Cull House / Sayville, NY - known for "special surprise" offerings.
  • City Crab / NYC - reasonable, fresh, and good quality.
  • Pompano's / Panama City, FL - order the blackened Mahi Mahi and a table by the window


  • Monster Sushi (Midtown & Chelsea, NYC) huge pieces, good quality & reasonable $$.

Beef - Hey - it's what's for dinner

  • Rendezvous / Riverhead, NY - marinated porterhouse. I've never had it better.
  • Harris' Restaurant / San Francisco, CA - slogan "Dine With Beef"
  • Ruth's Chris / chain - always superb.
  • Peter Luger's / Brooklyn, NY - exceptional and you don't need to wear a tie.


  • Louie's Lunch / New Haven, CT - this is where the hamburger was invented. Seriously.
  • Hamburger Hamlet / Washington, DC (Georgetown) - topped with spinach & mozzarella
  • Milos / Birmingham, AL - it's all in that tastey sauce. 99 cents gets you more sauce for fries.
  • The Good Burger / 1st & 45th NYC - Fresh, tasty and homemade milkshakes
  • Big Nick's / West Side NYC - salivation begins immediately upon entering.


  • Fiesta Cancun / Stony Point, NY - superb food, friendly staff and Kyle's fav for dessert.


  • Good Steer / Lake Grove NY - order extra onion rings.


Halloween 2011More odds and ends yet to come.

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