at Fifty

Tanya, Jackie, Kyle & Jack 2007Fifty years old ...seems like only yesterday I was 40.  However, twenty does seem like a very distant memory! 

It has been a very good life so far and I consider myself to be extremely fortunate.  There have been a couple of valleys along the way, but they have made the peaks all the more sweeter. Looking back, the valleys have been relatively inconsequential when compared to what others go through in life.  And since it has all brought me to the place I am today, I wouldn't change a thing.

The best thing about being fifty?  Well I'm very comfortable with who I am. (I'd have to be to wear this Cuban shirt that Tanya promises I can wear again in another fifty years.) You begin to see life through a definitive level of confidence, experience and maturity that brings a sense of self-assurance and comfort in your life.  I'm blessed with a wonderful wife, son, daughter, family and many friends.  This seemed like a good time to get them all together for a show of appreciation.  I only wished all could have been there.

Here are the pictures from the party at the Flanders Men's Club:

Mike Bowe & Kyle Jackie & Tucker at the bar. Russ, Dad, Mom & me
Lynn Aloia & John Williams Russ & Bruce Tria Jerry & Heidi
Hillary, Dave, me & Glenn Sue Buchner & Lauren Radio Group 1
Radio Group 2 Heidi Poole
Another Bourbon & water, please Dad & the Bowes the view at the FMC
Lynn Tom Buccholtz Kyle discussing radio
group1 Mike & Debbie Bowe George Peter (door) Mike, Russ & Lauren
Jackie & Tucker Smile group2
group3 Me, Lauren, Alycia & Russ Tanya, Mom Poole, Jerry, Heidi & Kyle
Jackie Jackie & Ryan Kyle's station is received in parking lot.
Alycia & Jackie John Williams & Uncle Ray hear another tired story Jerry
Russ, Dad, Mom & me.    

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